HTTP Debugger Changes

v6.6 April 2, 2015


  • Added ability to ignore SSL certificate errors in HTTP Submitter.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with processing 101 HTTP responses.
  • Fixed an issue with parsing chunked encoding.
  • Fixed an issue with processing TCP context.

v6.5 October 17, 2014


  • Improved performance of HTTP Engine.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug with parsing of non-standard HTTP requests and responses.
  • Fixed bug with parsing of chunked HTTP requests not-having Content-Length header.
  • Fixed bug with processing of special characters like '\n' and '\t' in RegExp Tester.
  • Fixed bug with processing OpenSSL data.
  • Fixed compatibility issues with Fiddler and NodeJS.

v6.4 August 5, 2014


  • Added API.
    • capture and analyze all HTTP traffic directly from applications in C++, C# and Java;
    • log all HTTP traffic to a disk from PowerShell and NodeJS automation scripts, with the ability to import those logs to HTTP Debugger UI.
  • Added functionality to edit the HTTP Engine Settings, including:
    • starting of HTTP interception engine together with MS Windows start or HTTP Debugger lunch;
    • enabling/disabling of HTTPS Traffic decoding;
    • setting the exclusion list for selected applications, which traffic will not be monitored.
  • Improved HTTP Filtering:
    • added ability to filter by IP address and port;
    • improved performance.
  • Added ability to show Failed Connection Requests.
  • Added export/import of HTTP Debugger settings.
  • Improved HTTP Highlighting:
    • dialog became mode-less;
    • current rules are optimized;
    • added support for RegExp rules.
  • Improved Conditional Bookmarks:
    • dialog became mode-less;
    • added support for RegExp rules.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug with modification of compressed HTTP content in HTTP Modifier.
  • Fixed bug with maximizing of HTTP Debugger’s window on the second monitor.
  • Fixed bug with saving IP address while saving/restoring sessions.
  • Fixed bug with data display after the Clear Logs operation.
  • Fixed bug with exporting the ID and offset fields to MS Excel.
  • Fixed bug with reports while displaying Header and Content Size.
  • Fixed bug with SSL decoding for some sites.

v6.3 June 17, 2014


  • Added new Timeline pane showing millisecond accurate request/response timings.
  • Added new Sizes pane showing HTTP session sizes in charts.
  • Added new Types pane showing statistics by content types in charts.
  • Added new Domains pane showing statistics by domains in charts.
  • Added new Durations pane showing HTTP session durations in charts.
  • HTTP Request and Response panes now show advanced statistics for selected items.
  • HTTP Request and Response panes now sort data for more convenient view.
  • SaveSumary now exports expanded data on request/response timings.
  • Added new Compression Size in Summary Pane (for multiple selected elements).
  • Added new Requests Total and Time Total in Status Bar.
  • HTTP Submitter now automatically counts the Content Length.
  • Performance has been improved significantly.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug in HTTP Submitter related to selecting of User Agent.
  • Fixed bug in refreshing the panes while switching.
  • Fixed bug in displaying of the compressed response content (gzip, deflate, etc).
  • Fixed bug of multiple selection of elements in Structure grid (some elements were double selected).
  • Fixed bug in counting Content Size because of the gzip compression.
  • Fixed bug in displaying of incoming connections.

v6.2 May 19, 2014


  • Added new Auto-Responder tool allowing to simulate server responses with custom HTTP headers and content.
  • Added new HTTP Modifier tool allowing to modify HTTP traffic on the fly.
  • Added new TCP/IP Redirector tool allowing you to redirect TCP/IP connections transparently from one IP address and port to another.
  • Added new Regexp Tester tool allowing you to create quickly and to test regular expressions for Auto-Responder and HTTP Modifier.

v6.1 April 10, 2014


  • Added functionality to Edit & Reply of the selected HTTP request.
  • Added functionality to export Summary & Headers for selected items.
  • Added functionality to specify the Time-out for the HTTP Submitter.
  • HTTP Submitter window converted to modeless dialog.
  • Improved the HTTP Submitter UI theme.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the crash of expanding grouped items in the Grid.
  • Fixed the bug with processing of the large HTTP Headers.

v6.0 March 5, 2014

Working With Data

  • Added the Export Content Files feature in chronological and structural orders.
  • Added the New Structure Grid with functionality to view the website structure in a hierarchical tree-like format.
  • Added functionality to copy Request’s URL, selected Row and Image from Grids' context menu.
  • Added Grid Icons illustrating the content type of received HTTP Responses.

New XML, JSON and FORM Data Panes

  • Added a pane to view XML data in a hierarchical tree-like format.
  • Added a pane to view JSON data in a hierarchical tree-like format.
  • Added the FORM Data viewer pane showing the HTTP POST parameters for application/x-www-form-urlencoded type requests.

Improved Image and Summary Panes

  • Significantly improved the Image Viewer pane. Added functionality to copy an image to clipboard, to save image to disk, to rotate, to flip and to mirror.
  • For Summary Pane added functionality to show the detailed information of a selected image, including the size, bpp, resolution, number of colors and animation frames, and Exif.
  • The Summary Pane now shows the summary for multiple selected requests.

Other Changes

  • Improved the Code Viewer with functionality to show/hide line numbers and collapse/expand code blocks (code folding).
  • The Code Viewer now automatically formats optimized and poorly-formatted XML and JSON files.
  • Improved the HTTP Interception Engine.
  • Added the Microsoft Ribbon 2013 Theme.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the bug with the Export Summary
  • Fixed the bug with Quick Filter for Grid’s Advanced Tree Mode.
  • Fixed the bug with voluntary scrolling to the focused row in the Grid while receiving data.
  • Fixed the bug with adding numeric Highlighting Rules.
  • Fixed the bug with the causal stopping of the HTTP Debugger Service (the Interception Engine).
  • Fixed the bug with HTTP Submitter to make SSL requests.
  • Fixed the bug with exporting data into Excel.
  • Fixed the Out of Memory bug shown for some URLs.
  • Fixed the compatibility issue with TeamViewer.
  • Other minor bug fixes and improvements

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