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Send HTTP requests, view HTTP headers, encode/decode URLs

HTTP Request/Response Viewer

Send custom HTTP requests and check your server response.

Browser Headers Viewer

View the HTTP headers sent by your browser to the server.

Base64 Encoder/Decoder

Encode the plain text to Base64 or decode Base64 to the plain text.

URL Encoder/Decoder

Encode unsafe characters in URLs or decode the encoded URLs back.

ASP.NET ViewState Decoder

Decode the ASP.NET ViewState strings and display in treeview format.


Simulate HTTP API server responses by replying with files from local disk.


Slow down your network speed and test your website or app on slow connections.


Retarget HTTP requests from one host to another.

HTTP Debugger Pro

  • See what's going in/out
  • Isolate and fix performance bottlenecks
  • Detect and eliminate security issues
  • Edit and resubmit HTTP sessions
  • Decrypt SSL traffic from any app
  • Not a proxy, no network issues!
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