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HTTP Sniffer and Analyzer HTTP Sniffer and Analyzer

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Ultimate HTTP sniffer and analyzer working with all browsers; apps in C++, C#, Java; and servers like IIS, Apache, Tomcat and NodeJS.

It shows all HTTP traffic: incoming and outgoing .
No need to change proxy server settings.

Works With
All Browsers

Supports Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer and Opera.

Debug Desktop

Analyze http traffic of any desktop software written in C++, C# and Java.

Monitor Server

View in/out http traffic of web servers, including IIS, Apachi, Tomcat and Node.js.

Modify HTTP

Modify HTTP sessions, redirect TCP/IP connections, simulate server responses.

Decrypt SSL

Decrypts HTTPS from applications and browsers including IE, Firefox and Chrome.

Detects Errors
And Issues

Automatically detects and highlights errors and malfunctioning web pages.

Detailed Charts
And Diagrams

Visualize http traffic in a comprehensible form of charts and diagrams.

User Interface

Group, filter, highlight and bookmark http sessions. Advanced search, save/restore.

About HTTP Debugger API

HTTP Debugger API allows to view and analyze the HTTP traffic directly from your applications in C++, C# and Java, and control HTTP Debugger from automation scripts like PowerShell, JavaScript/NodeJS, etc.

Example: Using HTTP Debugger API from PowerShell

    $api = New-Object -ComObject HttpDebugger.Api
    $res = $api.StartLogger("C:\Tmp\Logs")

    $ie = New-Object -ComObject InternetExplorer.Application
    $ie.Visible = $true;

HTTP Debugger Pro is used in thousands of companies around the World, including:
 HTTP Sniffer and Analyzer