HTTP Filter

HTTP filters help to limit the amount of output data. A filter can be created for a particular application, protocol and/or IP address. RegExp rules for a Request Header may be also applied.

Mode: selecting 'Only show results matching the rule' will hide all requests that do not match a rule.

Application: It is recommended to provide an Application Name, otherwise the rule will be applied to all applications.

Protocol: Select a protocol from the list.

Direction: Use Outgoing Traffic for client applications, and Incoming Traffic for web servers run locally.

IP Address and Port: Type in '' to disable filtering of IP Address, and '0' for Port.

Matching Rules: Create case insensitive RegExp rules for Request Header. If multiple rules are used, all of those MUST match. Please note that RegExp rules perform slowly, therefore avoiding the usage of RegExp rules is recommended if possible.

Regexp Examples

Matching HTTP Method and URL Part:
Matching Host Name:

An HTTP filtering rule can be created for a particular request from the Grid's Context Menu.

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